Before creating and submitting a video about your project, please, read the information below.

When submitting your video, you give us full rights to use it on website, our YouTube channel and social media. Your video must be unique and mustn’t be displayed or uploaded anywhere else. Send a link to your video added to cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

A video presentation of your project is your megaphone to a wider audience of potential investors that is willing to know more about you. Therefore, to make everything transparent, we urge you to cover the following in your video in any order you feel like:

General Information

Show your project and talk about what it is about in detail. Include information about your market value, capitalization, supply, price history, and other significant aspects.


We have done research which showed that around 61% of potential investors surveyed never resort to a whitepaper to find out more about the project they’re going to invest in, and 27% don’t understand some of its features that appear to be of vital importance. This is why we encourage you to cover the main points of your whitepaper and explain some technical issues in simple words.


Speak about your infrastructure in greater detail.


Talk about your community.


Provide information about members of your team.

We have noticed that projects with the anonymous dev team are usually a scam. Still, if you decide to keep your team anonymous, you must explain why. However, we also remind you that potential investors tend to believe people they can actually see and find out more about. So you have to show yourself and provide some information about the team members if you want to be trusted.


Tell the audience why you have to be considered a trustworthy project.

Goals and Achievements

Speak about your goals and what you’re working at, or trying to do. Improve or change. Include information on what you’ve already achieved.


Mention the number of medium and/or long-term investors, which exchanges have trading volume, how many assets are held in active wallets, and how uniformly they are distributed across wallets.


What do you promise your potential investors and what benefits you’ll bring to the ecosystem overall? Exclude promises of easy and fast money.

We do our due diligence and audit of all the projects that are submitted, and we can state with confidence what factors often reveal that some crypto project is a scam:

  • Guarantees that investors will make lots of money in a short time and get financial freedom;
  • Promises of free money either in crypto or in fiat;
  • Promises of big payouts and doubled/tripled/x1,000 money with guaranteed returns;
  • Huge claims without providing explanations or details.

Not Scam

Ensure you’re not a scam. Mention what exchanges you’re listed at or planning to, include information about audits, etc.

Other Details

Include more details that may be important for investors, for example, additional fees, slippage, staking information, plans to add tokens to the total supply, etc.

(e.g. founder, CEO, employee, enthusiast, community member, etc.)
Please provide the FULL name of the project (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Holochain, Binance, Bittrex).
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Add a link to the video added to cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.