STAMPSDAQ Successfully Passed Blockchain Smart Contracts’ Audit

STAMPSDAQ’s blockchain smart contracts passed security qualifications and were recognized as fully production-ready.

The audit has taken two months and was conducted by Zokyo’s Blockchain Security team.

The scope of the audit includes analysis and documentation of StampsDaq’s smart contract codebase. It was inspected for quality, security, and correctness. Finally, a poll of auditors from Zokyo came to the conclusion that the testable code is 99% secure. It is above the industry average of 95%.

Through passing the independent audit, we sent an important message to the global community of NFT enthusiasts and art collectors that STAMPSDAQ marketplace is being built according to the highest standards of the blockchain industry. What is more, it is a 100% safe environment for collecting and trading NFTs,” says Andrii Shapovalov, CEO of STAMPSDAQ.

In the next few months, the STAMPSDAQ team is going to secure the reliability of all external links. As a result, each customer could be sure that the marketplace guarantees a seamless payment experience to every NFT collector.

About the audit methodology

Zokyo’s Security Team has followed best practices and industry-standard techniques to verify the implementation of STAMPSDAQ’s smart contracts. The verification process was based largely on a manual collaboration between different team members at each stage of the review:

  • Due diligence in assessing the overall code quality of the codebase;
  • Cross-comparison with other, similar smart contracts by industry leaders
  • Testing contract logic against common and uncommon attack vectors;
  • Thorough, manual review of the codebase, line-by-line.

Our team was responsible for writing integration tests using the Truffle testing framework. Tests were based on the functionality of the code, as well as a review of the STAMPSDAQ contract requirements for details about issuance amounts and how the system handles these,” Zokyo representative added.

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